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Welcome! Mindscape Therapies is the home of holistic hypnotherapy, EMDR and NLP in Bristol, UK, for people with a wide range of issues, goals and dreams.

I'm Kate Mortimer of Mindscape; a dedicated, well qualified and experienced practitioner, who continues to work as a HCPC registered, clinical specialist, NHS professional also. I specialise in working with people with emotional and mental health issues, and also in supporting you to gain a healthy relationship with food and eating. I hope you find my website interesting and informative.

I bring compassion, optimism and energy to my therapeutic work, which has been invaluable in supporting literally thousands of clients now to achieve their goals.  I work with you as an individual, and believe that you have innate resources you can draw on or develop to make life more fulfilling, even if circumstances have prevented this before now.

You may not be 'the problem', but you can be the solution!

Mindscape welcomes you, irrespective of gender, disability, class, LGBTQI identity, faith or ethnicity.