How can I help?

How can I help?

I work holistically, using my toolkit of professional skills to offer the interventions most suited to you as an individual.  I work flexibly and in a responsive and client centred way, to support you as you make progress and become empowered.  I will advise you what interventions would be most appropriate to support you in resolving whatever issues concern you, but respect your personal preferences.

I’m told I’m gentle and respectful in my approach, but I will always be honest with you, and discuss with you openly and positively how you may move forward.

I work from a humanistic perspective, valuing and respecting you and your experience, but draw on a wide range of philosophies and practice to meet your individual needs.  I work within the highest ethical framework, and my aim is always to provide a caring, professional and effective service, as a dedicated and dynamic therapist.

I am always happy to talk to you more about the issues which concern you, to explain in more depth the therapies I offer, and how we can work together to enable you to achieve your goals and dreams.

While I do work very much on an individual basis, with the person rather than diagnostic labels, these are just a few of the issues or health problems hypnotherapy, EMDR and NLP, the therapies I primarily use, can assist with:

Emotional Health Issues

Are traumatic events, intense emotions, phobias, panic attacks, low mood or relationship problems affecting you?  Hypnotherapy and EMDR can offer support and positive change. This is my specialist area of practice, and something which I am skilled in and passionate about.

Weight Loss and Management

Want to enjoy positive body image, gain the figure or body you desire and promote better health?  Want to positively alter your mindset around your diet, or overcome an eating disorder or issues with food? Hypnotherapy can resolve overeating quickly and effectively!

Habits, Compulsions and OCD

Want to eliminate habits simply, or conquer obsessions and compulsions? I work with the simple (nail biting is generally a one session fix) to the more complex (OCD), using hypnotherapy and if needed, EMDR, with high success rates, even if other interventions have not worked.

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

Whether you want to stop smoking the easier way, cut out or reduce alcohol, or if you are using street drugs, hypnotherapy and EMDR can help. I am skilled and experienced in working with and supporting people who are 'self-medicating' to manage.

Physical Health Issues

Want to feel more in control of your health, reduce flare-ups and manage your symptoms?   Want to reduce pain or be free of allergies? By utilising the mind-body connection through hypnotherapy, or sometimes NLP or EMDR, you can feel more comfortable, free and at ease in your body.

Personal Development

Hypnotherapy and EMDR can help improve your confidence, your work and sporting performance, support you through stage fright, an interview or presentation, and simply make wonderful you the best you can be! These issues can generally be very simply resolved.


On occasion, or on request, I may offer tailored workshops on topics such as stress management and weight control. I am also available to facilitat, or co-facilitate health related and emotional support groups. I can also arrange one to one therapy days, for people who want to work intensively on their issues.

Personal Injury Claims

I am caring, sensitive and experienced in offering therapy if you have suffered a personal injury (mainly EMDR for PTSD, or for driving anxiety after a collision) and in liaising with solicitors and writing court reports and other professional documents. I can invoice the third party direct by arrangement so you have less to think about at a difficult time.

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