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  • EMDR and Mindfulness

    I and almost 500 other EMDR therapists took part in a Zoom seminar this week on EMDR and Mindfulness, led by Alexandra Dent and colleagues. It was amazing! Really gave me food for thought. When lives are busy and stressful it is so easy to lose sight of self care, and I reconnected with mindfulness practice myself. It has also given me further strategies to support clients with the grounding and resourcing required for EMDR.
  • Coronavirus – open for online sessions

    Hi all, I closed Mindscape to face to face contact on 16th March due to the Coronavirus. However, I am providing contact and sessions by Skype, phone, Zoom, WhatsApp and email currently until this crisis is resolved. I have no symptoms of the illness and neither does anybody I have been in contact with to my knowledge. However, the fact remains that I have a number of clients with serious medical conditions who would be significantly impacted on by Coronavirus... Read More Read More
  • BPD/EUPD vs complex trauma

    Conversation with a client today food for thought… I have always loathed the label of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) in particular. I feel complex trauma/C-PTSD captures this constellation of symptoms so much better and is far more respectful than labelling somebody, who is already struggling with horrific events and difficult feelings about themselves, with a personality disorder. It also honours and validates the impact of trauma, and by treating the trauma, recovery can happen. I work with C-PTSD all the... Read More Read More
  • Bristol based experienced CAMHS practitioner – therapy for children and adolescents

    I’m a CAMHS therapist with 10 (and a half!) years experience. Marketing not being my strong point, I haven’t particularly promoted this through my business. I will be setting up a new CAMHS specific page soon, but just wanted to highlight this. I continue to work part time in the NHS, providing support such as assessment of children and young people’s mental health needs, recommending treatment plans, liaising with the network/team around the child, risk assessment and management, and offering... Read More Read More
  • 10% discount for all NHS staff on therapy in Bristol

    I am now offering a 10% discount to all NHS employees (rather than the two tier, complicated system that gave people in different Trusts different discounts). In the face of criticism and lack of funding, NHS staff are doing a great job – I have many extremely hardworking and dedicated colleagues. This is a small way in which I can give something back. Stress and difficult incidents often cause people to seek therapy, such as EMDR, which is evidence based... Read More Read More