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  • Summer’s (nearly) here!

    It’s Sunday 13th May and it’s sunny out. Even though I’m inside it still makes me feel so much happier when there’s sun; it definitely lifts my mood, and this is my favourite time of year. It feels like a time where I have more energy, get motivated and get things done! If you need any support to make changes in your life (whether weight loss for a holiday or tackling trauma), please do contact me.
  • Data Protection

    As many of you will know, from 25th May new data protection laws come into effect. As well as governing best practice relating to data gathering and storage, it also now means companies and charities need to confirm you wish to continue to be contacted by them. If you would like to stay in touch with me and let me know of any updates, you can contact me by email or phone, or on Facebook – @MindscapeTherapies.
  • 10% Discount

    If you would like a 10% discount on sessions, in addition to any other discounts I offer, please Like and Share my Facebook page: MindscapeTherapies.
  • Attended EMDR 2 day workshop…

    On the subject of EMDR for people with anxiety, and for people with complex trauma. It was presented by Ad de Jongh, a respected Dutch clinician and researcher. It was a great workshop with loads of new evidence based information and ideas for innovative practice. I’ll certainly be using what I learned, and there was a whole new take on something which I have suspected for a while, which is that EMDR taxes working memory, so disturbing memories (or fears... Read More Read More
  • I’m Now Also a Celebrant…

    I have been thinking about this for a few years, and have now trained as a wedding, naming and funeral celebrant too. I’m hugely excited about this as I feel it will complement Mindscape well. My new business is named Heartfelt Ceremony, which is exactly what I aim to provide! I feel it will be a great use of my people skills, and writing skills, and seems like an incredibly joyful thing to do… even if it’s celebrating the life... Read More Read More