Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use

Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use

Whether you want to abstain from alcohol, just want wine drinking to be a bit less of a habit, or want to reduce alcohol to help weight loss or sports performance, I can help with hypnotherapy and EMDR.  It can be surprisingly painless and free you up to have a clear head at weekends, or be literally life saving!

If you want to reduce or stop substance use, I offer a professional, experienced, non judgemental, confidential and compassionate service, which tackles the root causes of your substance use.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective for stopping smoking, reducing or eliminating cravings, without weight gain or stress!  Imagine having more money to spend on things you'd really like to do.  Imagine being able to go to the pub without venturing out into the cold for a cigarette.  Imagine being released from an unhealthy habit and enjoying life smoke free!

I have experience in working with people with mental health needs who may be self medicating with alcohol or drugs.

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