Hypnotherapy (the therapeutic use of hypnosis) is fantastic for a vast range of physical and emotional health issues, as well as personal development and life goals, such as improving sports performance, confidence in public speaking, and success at work.

Hypnosis is a very natural state of mind which we all enter from time to time; for example, that relaxed, expansive, dreamy state when we wake up or drift off to sleep.

If you’ve ever lost yourself in a good book or film, or realised you can’t remember driving the last mile home, then you’ve been in a hypnotic state!

As hypnosis is natural, when you are guided into it by a professional hypnotherapist it is a safe and gentle experience, which people find generally enjoyable and relaxing.  It’s nothing like you might expect from stage hypnotism; it is a pleasant, relaxed, yet highly focused state, where the subconscious mind is active, and the client always remains fully in control. You cannot be made to do or say anything you are not comfortable with!  Yet the changes that occur through hypnotherapy can be profound and dramatic.

Because hypnotherapy directly accesses the subconscious mind – the part concerned with memories, feelings, and automatic behaviours – it is an effective and generally rapid therapy. Most issues can be tackled in three or four sessions.  Hypnotherapy enables us to uncover, understand and deal with any past events, or current beliefs or issues which may be holding you back or creating difficulties for you.   These are then replaced with more positive thoughts and actions, as we work with your subconscious to instil and activate more adaptive ideas and behaviours.

The subconscious mind only ever works to protect you; however, it takes things very literally and can be over-reactive to perceived threats, especially in childhood (or when the issue stems from an early life experience) or when we are under stress.  Hypnotherapy enables your subconscious mind to find more constructive ways of protecting you, and utilises the power of your wonderful mind to enable you to have the life you want and deserve.

Positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours can become second nature with reinforcement, through hypnotherapy.  Think of learning to drive a car – when you first learnt, you had to consciously think about what to do, when to change gear.  With practice, it becomes automatic, and you don’t even have to think about it any more.  At this stage, your driving skills are stored in the subconscious mind. What was once difficult, becomes natural and effortless.

Skills, feelings and behaviours can all be developed in this way.  Sometimes it takes time and practice, but often, by accessing the subconscious mind directly, the powerful new insights and understanding which follow – at every level of consciousness – bring about rapid and lasting change.

As a state registered health professional, it was important to me that I access the most reputable and comprehensive training available.  I trained with a well established school (the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences), the governing body of which (the National Council for Hypnotherapy) are actively campaigning for state registration of hypnotherapists.

Although I am solution focused brief therapy trained, and do use these techniques in therapy, my hypnosis training is to provide the maximum amount of time in hypnosis, rather than in pre-talk, as hypnosis is where the most effective work happens. I am also trained in more analytical techniques, which allows me to work with you on the impact of past events. This deeper work, which honours and heals your past, as well as focusing on the future you want, is highly effective and enables me to work with more complex difficulties more effectively.