Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a state registered and protected title.  Occupational therapists work with people with physical, mental health and social needs to enable them to build skills and develop the roles and lifestyles they wish, in a holistic and client centred way, through the use of therapeutic and everyday activity.

My occupational therapy skills are an invaluable addition to a holistic therapy business.  As human beings, we have a drive to interact with and master our environment, and even where someone doesn’t need specific OT intervention, they very often experience issues with their roles in life and how they spend their time.  Occupational therapy can help you develop more rewarding roles, and to balance your commitments and lifestyle.

Mindscape Therapies uses OT skills to contribute to individual treatment plans and input, and to promote development of roles, routines and lifestyle changes to support your recovery and progress.

I have thirteen years experience in adult, and child and adolescent mental health services, including twelve years at senior or advanced practitioner level, both as an occupational therapist and in generic, specialist mental health roles.  I also gained four years experience in working with people with a wide range of physical health conditions, often with co-existing mental health difficulties, such as dementia, and substance use.

My particular passion was always the therapeutic use of creative activities, such as artwork, creative writing and journaling, which I continue to use with clients where appropriate.