The National Council for Hypnotherapy now allows me to place testimonials and client stories on my website. Here is a selection:

“Dear Kate,

You have transformed my life! Yes, that’s a rather dramatic declaration but it’s true. For twenty years I’ve struggled with my weight with little success. It’s a month since I finished my four sessions with you I am now almost three stone lighter, I’ve lost four inches off my waist, and I’m just a few pounds off my goal weight. I can’t believe it. Hypno-banding is really working. I feel so much better and have reduced my blood pressure medication by half. My doctor thinks that when I reach my goal weight, I’ll come off the medication altogether. My friends and family all tell me I look much slimmer, fitter and younger – and that’s very nice to hear too.

I have to admit that when you first gave me the back-up CDs to listen to after our sessions, I thought “I just want to come for four sessions and get thin – I don’t want to work at it”. But having the CD with your twenty-minute recorded sessions has been brilliant. I think I mentioned to you last time we met that I found a surprising side effect of the deep relaxation CD. As you know, I make my living as a writer but have always struggled with the creative process; word-smithing in particular always been a really hard slog. But now, after listening to your CD, it’s like a channel opens in my head and the words just come. It’s obviously to do with being deeply relaxed and in a slightly altered state but it’s revolutionised my process. I still have to show up and focus but it’s no longer torturous for me – the words seem to flow and from the feedback I’ve been getting, I’m doing good work too. So thank you for that wonderful bonus. You’ve not only transformed me physically but mentally and creatively as well!

So many of my friends have asked me how I’ve lost weight and it makes me sad that I’ve left Bristol because I want to send them all to you. Already two of my friends have begun Hypno-banding sessions here in Australia and a third is having hypnotherapy to help her with thesis writing and university study. The Kate Mortimer Effect is rippling across the world!

Kate, I really don’t know how to thank you. I came to you burdened by my weight and loathing how I felt and looked. Not only did I get slim, I got a creative overhaul as well. You are the kind of thoughtful, self-effacing person that will be embarrassed by all my gushing but I have to tell you I can’t believe my great good fortune in finding you. You are a truly gifted hypnotherapist. You changed my life.

Thanks a million.”

“Having heard great things about EMDR, but also being a sceptic, I decided the best way to see if it helped was to try it. I had been really suffering with constant Anxiety and poor sleep and the physical and mental consequences both those things brought with them. I could not face the thought of driving and also had vivid memories of really strong physical symptoms that basically stopped me from leading a normal life in case they came when I was out somewhere. After 5 or so sessions I was back in the car and driving about, getting iut more and more and have seen a significant improvement in my symptoms. It did not happen overnight and it took some patience and persistence on both mine and Kate’s part to allow the thoughts that were stopping me from doing things to surface but once they did it felt as if the EMDR treatment was somehow refiling them in a more contained and less scary way and they stopped keeping emerging. I don’t profess to know how it works, but I can honestly say it really helped me and I am a convert. I have also seen since that EMDR is recognised now by NICE. Kate had a very professional, warm and friendly approach and I recommend anyone who is nervous about giving it a go to try her.”

“I loved the sessions.

I would leave them feeling very, very dreamy, relaxed and extremely uplifted.

I have been feeling so inspired that I am considering doing some training in hypnosis at some point in the future. I would love to use it on myself, as well as on loved ones.

Things are going really, really well, thank you.

I’m feeling very positive and excited about life.”

“Something helped back in that dark time, i am not sure what but your help and patience was invaluable, so thank you.”

“With the help of Mindscape my life has changed so much for the better, I’m now driving a car. I’m sure most people take this small thing for granted. With the help of Kate I was able to drive my new wife away from our wedding in April something I never thought possible. To sit in front of a wheel of a car and drive is something I have avoided for the last 16 years. But now I have a total different feeling towards it and quite enjoy it.

Kate I can’t thank you enough, you have sent me on a journey I never thought possible.”

“I had experienced a traumatic incident which heavily affected my daily routine. Kate Mortimer’s EMDR practice was brilliant as it addressed latent issues left in the aftermath of the incident. Kate is a very understanding and communicative therapist who bears nothing but perfection in her work. I am thankful to her efforts and care along the therapy sessions. I will definitely advise those in need for therapy to seek her services.”

“My feedback from your sessions. I found them very beneficial after about 4. I definitely feel more confident in myself without having to think about it which is really nice. It’s also helped me to relax in times of anxiety and this has helped change my every day working life as well as socialising with my friends. Just want to say thanks for all your help and support. If I feel I need this again in the future you will be my first choice. You were always very friendly and I never felt awkward or that you judged me which was really reassuring.

Thanks again.”

“Hi Kate,

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the hypnotherapy you gave me. Since I last saw you on the 11th November I haven’t once sucked my thumb. I can’t believe how easy it’s been, and after only two sessions. I’m really happy as I don’t think I could ever have broken the habit on my own. If any of my friends have similar problems I’ll be sure to recommend you to them.

Thanks again.”

“I wanted to say Thankyou for your help at the beginning of the summer. It took a little while but I now feel so much better and more in control of my eating habits and my thoughts. I am thinking about food and weight much less and generally just eating when I’m hungry, as a result I’ve lost a few pounds which feels like a really healthy by product but mostly it’s such a relief to stop thinking so obsessively. Thankyou so much!”

“I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I have now lost 25 kilos and am still loosing about 1kg per week. I am exercising regularly and feel really positive about the future. I have stopped taking anti depressants and my business is doing really well.

I know I still have a long way to go but I feel that I will be able to get there eventually. I am not sure whether this is entirely down to hypnoband but it certainly gave me the start I needed and for that I am very grateful.”

“I can’t thank you enough for all the good work we did together.

I am now feeling extremely well and looking forward to the future with enthusiasm and confidence. Enthusiasm for what might be ‘just around the corner’ and confidence because I know I am now in a position to make sound decisions about my life.

When I started working with you I recognised immediately that I was being ‘held’ in a safe environment and I was supported on my journey with your compassion and respect for my situation. I knew that you heard me and could respond in a manner which gave me a sense of being in control of my journey and yet able to embrace the change that our work together brought about.

You helped me make huge redecisions about my life – thank you Kate.”

“I am now in a relationship with somebody who is everything I wanted in a much more healthy and positive way than in the past. I’m very hopeful but am also taking it slower and feeling a lot less needy and vulnerable which is a huge step for me. This has everything to do with your input and support. You are awesome and I miss seeing you, but am eternally grateful that things have moved on in a way I couldn’t have predicted. Thank you.”

“You really understood the complexity of the traumatic events that I went through and EMDR has been life-changing for me. Thank you.”

“You were warm and supportive, but professional and knowledgeable, and I trusted you straight away. The therapy had a very positive impact on me and I have recommended you already. Thankyou!”

“Thank you so much for helping me find the courage to do things differently.”

“You have been a star. Thank you again.”

“I went to see Kate after trying numerous other therapies over the years, all of which were broadly unsuccessful. I was both sceptical and nervous about trying EMDR but was desperate to try anything to help with my issues.

From my initial consultation Kate was professional, kind, supportive and sensitive to my issues. She used the EMDR model flexibly with me as I was unable to tolerate proximity and always went out of her way to ensure I felt safe in all sessions. At the end of my course of treatment my symptoms were significantly better and after 20+ years difficulties I felt able to pursue other avenues. I can only put this down to the EMDR and the consideration shown by Kate.

Kate is a very knowledgeable practitioner and a truly compassionate person with a genuine desire to help her clients achieve the best possible outcome. I cannot thank her enough for her patience with me and would definitely recommend her to anyone who is thinking about starting EMDR.”

“You have done a fab job of helping me and in writing a very good report. I thank you again.”

“This lady helped me through an horrific journey. It wasn’t easy but she made it possible. I would highly recommend her. Kate is a very friendly lady, easy to talk to and very helpful.”

“Wow Kate

Thank you so much for getting in touch – I have been meaning to get in touch with you for ages.

There are no words to describe how to thank you <3 I have been great and a lot of my friends have told me they have noticed a positive change within me and that also makes me happy to hear. I'm feeling more myself everyday. I'm so sorry I have not written to you sooner I am so terrible with words but I promise you I have been thinking about you and how you have helped me - I haven't had a nightmare in weeks! and I have had the best nights sleep I ever had my whole life! Without even waking up once - and that is a miracle!! I cant thank you enough! I even have been really creative again... painting and pursuing personal projects that I have been putting off for years.. they all have spiritual meaning and are symbolic of the tragedy but its great to be expressing it through my fine art photography again so this makes me very happy too. I still cant believe how crazy this treatment has been - the whole process was mad and tough but you were great! Thank you so much <3"

“It was a really great experience for us both. The sessions definitely contributed to my regaining a sense of calm and control in various situations, so thank you :-)”

“I’ve now had my nails done twice, look fantastic and I’ve had a few ‘ooh, I like your nails’ comments from people! Thank you so much for your help. I still can’t say I’m 100% cured – I do still put my nails in my mouth but I do have the consciousness and willpower not to bite them which is great.”