Group Facilitation, Workshops, Assessments and Therapy Days

I have been facilitating groups and workshops since 1999, including anxiety management, health promotion, weight loss, stress management, personal development, life skills, women’s groups, creative art and writing, vocational groups, hearing voices, and relaxation groups.

I’m told I am an engaging presenter and effective group facilitator.  I have run sessions at UWE, schools, a healthcare charity event, within the NHS and for Bristol City Council staff.

I greatly enjoy group work, and am available to plan and run tailor made therapeutic, personal development or health promotion groups, as a leader or co-facilitator, for corporate or other organisations.  Topics may include stress management, stop smoking or weight control.  I also have teaching, coaching and tutoring experience with adults and young people.

I may also run my own group sessions and workshops from time to time on specific issues, such as anxiety or confidence building.  Please contact me if you’d like to know more about what’s on offer.

I have contributed to groups, programs and sessions with people who wish to lose weight, people with a diagnosis of mental health issues, physical health conditions such as cancer, fractures and CVAs, young people and students, adults of working age and older adults.

I am especially keen to continue to make links with local GP surgeries, voluntary organisations and other health agencies, and would be pleased to give a short free presentation about the therapies I offer to these organisations.

I am also available to give talks about hypnotherapy or EMDR to community or social groups.

I also offer individual therapy days, for people who want to work intensively on their issues.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.